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SEO Direct Reseller Program (SDRP)

In the direct reseller program, all you would need to do is forward a sale lead to Influx. Influx will pay flat 15% as commission on the initial contract (excluding third party fees). The commission would be paid only for the first contract and not for other contracts bagged by Influx at a later date from the same client, unless negotiated on the contrary.

The SDRP: How it works?

Preliminary Consultation And Proposal Forwarding

You establish contact with a potential client and inform him about the advantages of the SEO services offered by Influx. Moreover you provide our contact information to the potential client.

As soon as the potential client gets in touch with Influx with a request for proposal (RPF), Influx will respond with a proposal within 72 hours

Reseller Benefit

As and when the potential client gets converted, Influx will initiate the process of reseller reimbursement.

Influx will payout 15% the amount to you as soon as the deal is finalized and the advance deposit money is received by Influx. The rest of the payment would be made when Influx receive the final payment from the client. The commission paid would not include a cut in the amount we charge as recurring costs like the monthly maintenance fees.

Technical Requirements

FTP access

For maximizing the effectiveness of our SEO services, any one of the following is desirable:

Influx should have FTP access to client's website
A dedicated person should be identified who would do all the uploading on the client's server.

Website Modification

Influx should have permission to make modifications on the website.
Any modifications would be done only after client's approval.
After the optimization of the website for superior website rankings, no changes should be made without prior approval from Influx as this may directly affect the search engine's rankings.

JOIN Influx SDRP today and let your revenues multiply.

Salient Benefits

As a reseller of Influx product and services you get many attractive offers which are launched time to time for benefit of our partners.

You get latest research and development news from influx labs.